“If ever there was a time to turbocharge digital, it is now. The global pandemic’s shutdown of offline retail channels has pushed digitally inept fashion companies to the brink.”
—BOF & McKinsey & Co. “The state of Fashion 2020—Coronavirus Update”

Many designer brands rely heavily on the B2B retail model. As a result of COVID-19 temporary shut down of retail and travel, lead to the loss of control over your sale channels, and has shown the power of having a D2C e-commerce solution in place. 

One of SMK focuses is helping businesses connect directly with their client, diversifying sale channels, and putting you in control. Be it setting up an e-commerce store from scratch, or providing support and guidance on best practice, as an official Shopify Partner, SMK is here to help.

“The devil is in the detail is my motto”—by offering Aesthetic and Artistic Direction services I am here to help you realize your vision and translate your brand DNA even when you don’t have a final picture in mind, or no resources to go through full design development processes. 

Having worked with niche boutiques and premium brands, you will always receive high quality services and attention to detail at every step of the process.

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